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Sleek & Beautiful

Graphic Design, Printing, Publishing & Web Hosting Services

Your one-stop shop for your design, printing and publishing needs

Professional Services

I work with my client and grow their business

Sleek & Beautiful

Graphic Design

Prepress, DeskTop Publishing, Brochures and Magazines, Signage, Flyers and Leaflets, Logos, Corporate Identity, Business Cards, Branding, Banner Ads, Reports etc.

Sleek & Beautiful

Publishing Services

XtraByte Publishing Services offer an array of book printing services, such as book cover design, text formatting and layout, ISBN assignment, consultation and more.

Sleek & Beautiful

Digital Services

We offer cost-effective and customized eBook conversion. We convert book to ebook, mobi books to epubs, hardcopy documents to editable files and scanning services.

Ongoing Projects

Sleek & Beautiful


Ongoing publishing projects. Designing book covers and book layout. Producing eBooks for Kindle.

Sleek & Beautiful


Designing leaflets, flyers and various promotional materials for commercial printers.

Sleek & Beautiful

Digital Marketing

Providing digital services and basic seo. Managing social media accounts. Set up google analytic account.

Sleek & Beautiful

Website Services

Maintaining and updating websites. Giving advice on specific requirements and cost saving recommendations.