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Promotional Items

Promotional Merchandise

Pomodorino Pizza Restaurant, Greece was designed early 2023. This concept was chosen above 4 other designs presented. Other Pomodorino ideas can be viewed here.

Parnwell Hub project 2020

Parnwell Survey Form and return sticker (2020)

Pin Badges Backing

Lincoln Catherdral pin badge backing | Peterborough Catherdral pin badge backing (2016)

Pavement board design

The Deli Chef A1 pavement board (2019)


Roller Banner Designs
Essex Homes Loft Conversion (2016) | Neighbourhood Watch Peterborough (2009) | Ocean View Homes (2009) | Silver Kiss Rum (2012)

Jeremy Yeo recital ticket

DL Classical Piano Concert ticket, Malaysia (2009)

Greeting cards 1

English Heritage Artist Christmas and blank greeting cards, 2018

Ilze’s Chocolat Christmas Card (2013)


Ocean View Cape Verde Homes Pomotional Materials (2009)

Breakeryard Car Wraps

Breakeryard Car Vinyl Wraps (2012). Of the two presented designs, the top design was selected.

Breakeryard promotions

Breakeryard Ltd vehicle licence disc (2009) | Kilomax vinyl sticker (1980) | Breakeryard Ltd car sticker (2009)

YWAM Scotland outreach tshirt (1995)