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Flyer and Leaflet Designs

Promotional Flyers and Leaflets

A5 flyer designs

Parnwell Hub Community Events and Trainings. A5 size full-colour double-sided printed 135gsm gloss art (2019).

A5 and A4 flyer designs

Veronica’s Cookery A5 Recipe Cards (2015) | Hereward Car Parts Promotional advertising flyer. A4 size full-colour double-sided (2017)

A5 Flyer Designs

Parnwell Hub Community Events flyers. A5 size full-colour double-sided (2019).

Various Sizes Flyer Designs

The DeliChef Promotional flyer. A5 size full-colour double-sided (2019) | APS Associates flyer. DL size full-colour double-sided (2016) | Silver Kiss flyer. Customed size full-colour double-sided printed on 400 gsm high gloss (2012).

A5 and DL Flyer Designs

Parnwell Hub Community Event A5 flyer (2019) | Club Caliente Sunsplash Event A5 flyer (2009) | The Healing Rooms Bourne A6 flyer (2008)

Dielle Hair postcard design

Dielle Hair product promotional postcard. A6 size printed on 400gsm card, full colour double sided (2014).

Flyer design samples

Richardson’s Cycle promotional card. A6 size full colour double sided (2014) | Book promotion and order form flyer. DL size colour double sided (2009) | Classical Concert promotional flyer. A5 size full colour double sided (2011)

Ocean View promo

Ocean View Holiday Homes promotional flyer. A5 size in full colour double sided. (2009)


Mitsubishi diesel generator brochure

Mitsubishi Diesel Generator information brochure designed and printed in 1980. Full colour litho on A4 size x 4 pages. This brochure was hand-drawn with Staedtler Mars technical pen and ink. The generator engine was hand drawn on tracing paper. The background grid on the front cover was created using a technical pen, metal ruler and set square. Using the photographic bromide process, it was superimposed in the dark room. During the 1980s, this was the standard method of creating artwork.