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Floppy Diskettes

Black floppy diskettes

Floppy Diskettes

The floppy disks or diskettes became popular in the 1970s. It was used as a primary data storage mechanism. They came in various sizes: 8-inch, 5 ​1⁄4-inch, and 3​1⁄2-inch. The most common format was 1.44 MB and able to hold minimal amounts of data. In the early days, the floppy drive comes with every computer. Today’s computers floppy disk drive is no longer needed because we now work with much larger files.

Floppy disks were used to:

  • transferring files from one machine to another
  • backup files that are stored on your hard disk
  • store restricted files that you don’t want other users to see them

All these files are relatively small, only 1.44MB. Amazingly, floppy disks remained a popular medium for nearly 40 years, but their use declined by the mid-1990s.

Floppy disk 2009 G1

Do you have data in 3 1⁄2-inch floppy disks you would like to retrieve but don’t know how? If you no longer have a floppy disk drive, I can help transfer your data from your old floppy disk onto a CD, USB stick, FTP or other online transfer services where you can access easily. Please contact me for more details or a quote.
For straightforward floppy transfer (3.5 inch PC floppy disks), I charge £10.00. Please ask for a price reduction if you have batches of trouble-free disks.