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Label Designs

Label and Packaging Designs

Flaxseed Label Design

Flaxseedshop packaging design (2004)

Neighbourhood Watch Peterborough initiative (2008). Outdoor and waterproof vinyl sticker for commercial vehichels to combat patrol theft in the city.

Back in the 1980s

Outdoor and waterproof vinyl sticker for Mitsubishi engines (1980).
This vinyl sticker was hand-drawn in stages with technical pen and ink. I drew the generator’s outline first on tracing papers using a technical pen, ink, and liquid correction fluid. They were scanned and converted into bromide. It was developed before graphic design software and Apple computers became popular tools for graphic designers.

Orange Magic bottle labels

Orange Juice bottle labels for Orange Magic launched in Malaysia in the early 1980s. These labels were hand-drawn with technical pen and ink before computer graphic applications and apple computers.

Orange Magic machine label

Label design for the Orange Magic juice machine. They were designed and printed in the early 1980s. The typefaces say it all.