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Pomodorino Project

Pomodorino Project

In Latin, univerbation of pomo (“apple”) + d’ (“of”) + oro (“gold”), literally “golden apple”. Perhaps because the first tomato cultivars to reach Europe and spread from Spain to Italy and North Africa were yellow. Pomodorino, which translates as ‘cherry tomoto’ in Italian, is the name chosen for the pizza restaurant in Greece.

Concept 1, Pomodorino Pizza and Friggitoria Napoletana Restuarant logo

Concept 1 Pizza box mockup

Concept 1 logo transfer to a T-shirt mockup.

Use of the Concept 1 logo in various promotional designs and layouts.

Concept 2: Logo on mug mockup. Two colours on dark background.

Concept 2 Promotional merchandise. Mockup of a t-shirt showing how the logo stands out against a dark background.

Concept 3. Cherry tomatoes and the door of the pizza oven were combined to produce the third concept.

Pizza mock mockup

Concept 4 was the final design selected. The carefree, relax, and informal vibe that the business owner wants to portray is reflected in the usage of free-style fonts and illustrations.

Mug mock-up

Concept 4 was the final selected logo for Pomodorino Pizza and Friggitoria Napoletana Restuarant


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