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SEO II Certification

SEO II Certification

Achieved next stage SEO II with Hubspot. The course covered:
> Google Page Experience and Core Web Vitals
> Improving Your Technical SEO
> SEO for Website Migration
> SEO Performance Analytics

What is Page Experience?

The Page Experience report gives an overview of how users interacted with your website. In order to determine a URL’s ranking in Google Search results, Google analyses page experience characteristics for each individual URL on your website.

What is Core Web Vitals?

Core Web Vitals is a set of metrics that gauges the actual user experience in terms of the page’s visual stability, interactivity, and loading speed.

I would be happy to administer your website and offer any recommendations for changes that can enhance user experience. Feel free to send Ronna an email at contact[at]ronna.com with a brief statement outlining what you require.

SEO II Certification